ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000

ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000
Brand: ZEISS
Product Code: Cirrus 5000 HD-OCT
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CARL ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 For Sale

CARL ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 provide highest resolution visualization capabilities and track retinal pigment epithelial integrity using Advanced RPE Analysis and assess glaucomatous loss with Ganglion Cell Analysis

Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 come with features an active eye-tracking mechanism that able to trace and compensate eye motion in real time and FastTrac retinal tracking to reduces eye motion artifacts without sacrificing patient


-OCT Imaging     
-Methodology: Spectral domain OCT       
-Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm  
-Scan speed: 27K- 68K A-scans per second            
-A-scan: 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024
-Axial resolution: 5 µm (in tissue)             
-Transverse resolution: 15 µm (in tissue)
-Software Version 9.5

Fundus Imaging

-Methodology: Line scanning ophthalmoscope (LSO)         
-Live fundus image: During alignment and during OCT scan             
-Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 750 nm    
-Field of view: 36 degrees W x 30 degrees H           
-Frame rate: 20 Hz         
-Transverse resolution: 25 µm (in tissue)

Iris Imaging       

-Methodology: CCD camera         
-Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Include :

-Cirrus HD-OCT 5000 Unit
-New Printer
-All peripherals



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