Zeiss Stratus OCT 3000

Zeiss Stratus OCT 3000
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Carl Zeiss Stratus OCT 3000 For Sale

The Stratus OCT III is a diagnostic imaging device that provides direct cross sectional images of the retina for objective measurement and subjective clinical evaluation in the detection of glaucoma and retinal diseases. The Stratus produces images and analyzes macular thickness, the retinal nerve fiber layer and the optic disc using the latest technology for high resolution scans.

The Stratus OCT 3000 offers three diagnostic capabilities including Macula, RNFL, and Optic Nerve Head.

The dynamic information provided by the OCT III produces retinal images never seen before. The OCT III is a tomographic imaging device unlike ordinary topographic units available. The complete cross-sectional view of the retinal structure provided by the Stratus demonstrates actual histology. The result is data that enhances your ability to diagnose and manage a patient's glaucoma or retinal disease.

Stratus OCT 3000 Includes:

- Stratus OCT 3000 instrument scanning head
- Software Version 7.0 With GPA
- Zeiss Power Table
- Monitor
- Keyboard
- Mouse



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