Zeiss Visante OCT

Zeiss Visante OCT
Brand: ZEISS
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Zeiss Visante OCT For Sale

Carl Zeiss Visante OCT Anterior Segment Imaging and Biometry provides superb, segment highly  detailed  results,  consistently  supporting  surgical planning and postoperative care across a range of anterior segment applications

Carl Zeiss Visante OCT  proved  invaluable  in  the  diagnosis  and monitoring of retinal disease and applied  to high-resolution,  non-contact  optical  coherence tomography customized for the  anterior segment

Features of Carl Zeiss Visante OCT:
Exceptional design, greater confidence
Versatile in application
Anterior segment imaging
Corneal Imaging and Pachymetry
New Lasik information

-Windows XP Operating System w Version System Software
-NEW Epson Printer
-Keyboard and Mouse
-NEW K2 Power Table
-Test Eye, Fixation Light, and Calibration Kit
-Warranty 1 Year


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